About Us

About Grubbs Construction

Learn why Grubbs Construction is considered the #1 Custom Home Builder in Austin & the Texas Hill Country.

Our Process

We believe the process of building your home should be a wonderful and smooth experience. Building luxurious homes to fit our clients’ needs calls for a disciplined and structured process. That’s why our methodical approach to a seemingly complicated process separates us from other custom homebuilders. From the day you become our client, we lead you through all stages of the building process that fulfills your initial vision.

Step 1: We Listen

We need to know exactly how you envision your new home. Tell us your tastes, comforts and desires and we will incorporate them into the plan details.

Step 2: We Draw Up the Plans

We will work with either your own architect or will recommend an oustanding architect that will work closely with you and Grubbs Construction to design your home.

Step 3: Design Selection

We will work with you to select the flooring, tiles, colors and finishes that fit your tastes. If you already have an existing relationship with a designer, we'll be happy to assist and coordinate with them. To avoid delays, we will create a budget with your help that will take the guess work out of the building process.

Step 4: We Build

By this stage, most of your work in the collaboration is done. We oversee all steps in building your home from acquiring the required permits to lining up the landscaping company. Our commitment to detail and our logical sequence will provide you with ease of mind during the process. We will keep you up-to-date at every stage and you can visit the building site as often as you like.

Step 5: Living in a Dream

This is where the real dream begins. When your home is complete, we will personally walk you through every room to make sure you are happy with every detail. Assistance long after the warranty expires will be provided to ensure you peace of mind.

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